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Right Concept Marketing (RCM)


About RCM Business

RCMLogo3 RCM Business has been set up by Fashion Suitings Pvt. Ltd., Bhilwara (Rajasthan) belonging to the reputed Chhabra Group, engaged in textile business since 1977. The group has entered into it's own production in 1986 and at present it's annual capacity is 3 crore meter. Thus it stands among top five in india in suiting manufacturing.

In August 2000 RCM Business started at very small scale. Gradually it developed from every aspect and now it stand as biggest multi level marketing company with more than 60 lacs distributors, more than 70 depots, more than 5000 pickup centers and more than 300 products. Company not only expanded its product range and distribution center but also have given priority to upgrade technology and make complete system online. For the purpose of high quality education, company has given emphasis on quality literature and education system.

Now in every corner of country RCM meetings and seminars are organized. Quality education material are also available in the form of CDs, cassettes and books. To update distributors with current information monthly RCM Times is also published. RCM Business has made remarkable progress and has grown up in multi dimensions.

Good quality products and best services to consumer constitute the company's objectives. This clearly demonstrates that the group is genuinely concerned and dedicated to the overall progress of distributors and shall be bringing out more quality products to enhance their business volume.

Marketing Plan

The best part of this concept is that you do not have to do anything different from what you have been doing till now. All you are required to do is to purchase RCM Products(Business Kit) and get your registration through internet. And from then onwards, use RCM Products, because :-

  1. You are getting best quality at reasonable price.
  2. No chance of duplicate goods.
  3. It also provide a source of income.

After using the product and feeling satisfied with quality and concept you can share your views with your friends and relatives. This way they will also start using the products and so on. Thus the company does not require any advertisement or middlemen for selling its products. The amount saved will be distributed between you and the people who associate to the company because of you. Day by day as your group will expand your income will also increase.

Company distributes upto 30% Performance bonus, upto 6% royalty and on qualification, upto 4% technical bonus and upto 1% leadership bonus on total *Business Volume.

Business Volume is the actual value on which all the calculations for commision is done. It may be equal or less than M.R.P.

There are four ways to get Income in RCM Business:

  1. Purchases for self requirement.
  2. Purchases by your down liners.
  3. Retailing by you or your down liners.
  4. Business kit purchased by new distributors.

The Events and Seminars are organized in order to increase the awareness about RCM Business in new distributors. These programs are very helpful for the new people who want to understand what the business is about and also for the existing distributors to get ideas for development of their business.

Established leaders of the business are the main people visiting these programs, with their experience and knowledge they educate people attending these programs.

These programs are full of positive energy and are a perfect place to share views and discuss problems.

After all, it is not without vision that seminar and events are known as the backbone of a company who directly deal with distributors.


It’s very easy to join RCM by purchasing anyone of the Textile Kits: -

Option 1.  NM Kit – Rs. 1500/-
                  3 T/L (Length 1.20 Mtr.), 3 Shirt Pcs. (Length 2.25 Mtr.)

Option 2.  SL Kit – Rs. 1320/-
                  2 S/L (Length 3.00 Mtr.)

Option 3.  Safari Kit – Rs. 1410/-
                  3 - Safari Length (Length 2.5 Mtr.)    

Option 4.  Shahi Libas Kit Rs. 1470/-
                  One premium quality Suit Length (Length 3.00 Mtr.)

Option 5.  Open choice Kit Rs. 300/-
                  (Tools) To join from this kit it is mandatory to make textile product purchase of  worth 1500 B.V.

Option 6.   Premium S.L. Kit Rs. 1580/-
                   2 premium quality suit length (Length 3.00 Mtr.)

Option 7.  NLM Kit Rs. 1620/-
                  3 T/L  (Length 1.30),  3 Shirt Pcs. (length 2.5)

1.         After selection of kit and paying the specified amount you get scratch ID card along with joining kit. ID card contains distributor number and password, which can be seen on scratching. This password is authenticated validation and required to keep safely. Use of this password will be treated as authorized signature in future.
2.         You can apply for online joining on company's website by using above password for distributorship with acceptance of abiding rules and regulations. Be careful in feeding the sponsor number and address. After acceptance of application you become a distributor.